SAFETY Blood Collection Sets

The SAFETY Blood Collection Set was developed especially for patients with difficult vein conditions, but is also suitable for any other blood collection situation, as it offers the patient a particularly gentle collection comfort.

The product offers a high level of safety by manually activating the protective mechanism while the needle is still inside the vein. The correct activation by the user is indicated by a clearly audible click. The safety blood collection set thus provides the best possible protection against needlestick injuries. The visual control of the puncture through a transparent viewing window also increases the puncture safety. The product can be used for blood collection or for infusions for up to five hours.

The SAFETY Blood Collection Set is a sterile single use wing cannula connected to a flexible tube, with or without a Luer adapter or Luer adapter with holder. The product is ergonomically and individually packed, making it easy to open and causing little waste.

  • A viewing window between the needle and the tube shows whether the puncture was successful
  • Tube with different lengths offers more flexibility in blood collection
  • Simple activation of the safety mechanism

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