Coagulation Sodium Citrate / CTAD Tubes

VACUETTE® coagulation tubes with sodium citrate are used for determinations in coagulation tests.

Coagulation tubes from Greiner Bio-One are available in three versions: 9NC Coagulation Sodium Citrate 3.2 %, 9NC Coagulation Sodium Citrate 3.8 % and CTAD.

The additive trisodium citrate contained in the tube prevents blood coagulation by binding Ca-ions.

VACUETTE® Coagulation Tubes are also known as "sandwich" tubes due to their double-wall-technology. The inner tube is made of PP (polypropylene) and prevents the evaporation of liquid. The outer tube is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and guarantees a correct draw volume.

With the VACUETTE® Coagulation Tubes, underfilling must be avoided for valid test results. Therefore, always, but especially when using a (safety) wing needle, use a Discard tube. This helps to avoid underfilling of the coagulation tube due to the air contained in the tubing.

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