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Storage Plates for Acoustic Liquid Handling

Polypropylene is still the material of choice for storage plates, but the material class of cycloolefins is becoming more routinely used because of its unsurpassed performance for a wide range of applications. In compound storage, plates made from cycloolefins offer the best combination of chemical resistance to polar solvents, like DMSO, and optical clarity.
In addition, the dimensional stability and glass-like optical properties make this material ideally suited for plates in fully automated systems.

Microplates made from cycloolefin offer the following advantages in compound storage:

  • Resistant against polar solvents such as DMSO
  • Excellent water and vapour barrier function to minimise evaporation
  • Nearly no extractables minimise leaching to avoid compound contamination
  • Low biomolecule binding reduces the loss of compounds in storage and screening assays
  • Glass-like optical properties for sensitive transmission and fluorescence measurements
  • Superior mechanical stability and bottom thickness uniformity

Product Highlights

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