Leucosep was developed for optimal separation of lymphocytes and peripheral mononuclear cells (so-called PBMCs) from human whole blood and bone marrow. The key feature of Leucosep is the porous barrier incorporated into the centrifuge tube made of highly translucent polypropylene. This barrier consists of high-grade polyethylene. It shows a precisely controlled pore size and does away with the time-consuming and laborious overlaying of the sample material. Anticoagulated blood or bone marrow can simply be poured directly from the blood sampling tube into the Leucosep tube.
The porous barrier prevents mixture of the sample material with the separation medium. During centrifugation, lymphocytes and PBMCs are separated from unwanted erythrocytes and granulocytes on the basis of their density, and enriched in an interphase above the separation medium. When separation is complete, the barrier prevents recontamination of the enriched cell fraction during harvest. Leucosep may be used in combination with all common separation media for PBMC separation. For maximum convenience Leucosep tubes are available as pre-filled tubes. The contained Leucosep separation medium has a density of 1.077 g/ml and yields excellent separation results.


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