Pipetting liquids into narrow vessels or for loading gels requires high precision and a steady hand. To facilitate this process, Greiner Bio-One offers gel-load pipette tips with a volume range of 1 - 200 μl. The slim shape allows even the thinnest gels to be loaded without damaging them. Due to the long and flexible tip, pipetting at the bottom of very narrow vessels is also possible without any problems.

The gel-load pipette tips are packed in a resealable bag, which means that the tips are safely protected from possible contamination even after the bag has been opened.

Key Facts


  • Volume range: 1 - 200 μl
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Universal fit for all common pipettes
  • 5 μl graduation for easy control of the pipetted volume
  • Tip with 0.57 mm outer diameter suitable for loading gel pockets
  • 83 mm total length to reach even the bottom of narrow vessels


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Sapphire Pipette Tips
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