With EASYstrainer cell strainers, Greiner Bio-One offers an innovative and user-friendly solution for the filtration of cell suspensions.

EASYstrainer can be used, for example, after enzymatic tissue digestion for primary cell isolation or for cell preparation prior to flow cytometry. The large cell strainers fit on all conical 50 ml tubes and are available with mesh sizes of 40, 70 and 100 μm.

EASYstrainer Small fits 15 ml tubes as well as smaller tubes and reaction vessels. It is available with mesh sizes of 20, 40, 70 and 100 μm.

EASYstrainer facilitates aseptic work

The stackability of EASYstrainers with different mesh sizes allows for the separation of cells with different sizes in one step. In addition, the upper part of EASYstrainer Small can be inverted. This allows retained cells to be rinsed out for further use. EASYstrainer makes working aseptically much easier: It can be held via a surrounding rim or a handle in order to avoid accidental contact with the sterile filter material. Additional safety is provided by the transparent blister packaging from which the strainers can be conveniently and aseptically removed.

EASYstrainer Key facts

  • Different mesh sizes for cells and tissue
  • Ventilation gap for fast filtration prevents overflow of the cell strainer
  • Handle and surrounding rim facilitate aseptic working
  • Single packaging reduces risk of contamination
  • Stackable for sequential filtration


Our EASYstrainer fits perfectly on the corresponding 15 & 50 ml PP tubes.


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