Streptavidin Plates

Greiner Bio-One offers a line of streptavidin coated plates with a high-purity streptavidin bound to the well surface in a uniform and stable layer. The streptavidin solid phase is treated with an additional blocking step in order to minimize any unspecific binding for these streptavidin coated microplates; therefore, “pre-blocking” of the immunoassay plates is not necessary. The high stability of the coating and the high affinity between streptavidin and biotin enables unusually stringent washing conditions, which have a positive effect on the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement.

Streptavidin-coated solid phases serve as reliable binding surfaces for all types of biotinylated molecules. Numerous ligands can be biotinylated in a relatively simple fashion, and, due to the low molecular weight of biotin (244 Da), the functionality of the molecules is normally not impaired. Thus streptavidin-coated solid phases make it possible to rapidly isolate, determine and quantify components from a reaction mixture. By immobilizing the biotinylated substance, it is also possible to reproduce complete reaction chains on a streptavidin solid phase, e.g. enzyme immunoassays, enzyme activity  assays, DNA hybridization techniques, quantification of PCR products and receptor/ligand studies. 
Are you in need of additional products? Greiner Bio-One has a wide range of microplates available for every application including non-binding microplates and SensoPlate™ glass bottom plates. 


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