The core technology of Greiner Bio-One’s Magnetic 3D Cell Culture is the magnetisation of cells with NanoShuttle-PL. The magnetised cells can be aggregated by magnetic forces, either by levitation or bioprinting, to form microphysiologically relevant 3D models in vitro. The magnetic system overcomes the limitations of other platforms by enabling the manipulation of cells for the rapid formation of spheroids, reproducible and scalable in size for high-throughput, without restrictions of cell type.

Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Solutions

Levitation 6 & 24 well

By levitating cells from the bottom of a cell-repellent plate, magnetic forces work as an invisible scaffold to gently and rapidly aggregate cells, forming larger spheroids at the air-liquid interface, induce cell-cell interactions and initiate ECM synthesis.

Bioprinting 96, 384 & 1536 well

With bioprinting magnetised cells are printed into spheroids by placing a cell-repellent plate atop a drive of magnets, where a single magnet below each well utilises mild magnetic forces to induce aggregation and print one spheroid at the bottom of each well within 15 minutes to a few hours.

Bio Assay 96 & 384 well

In addition bioprinting with a spheroidal shape, magnetic printing of cells can also be patterned into a ring formation. For up to 72 hours immediately following bioprinting, the patterned structures will shrink/close as a function of cell migration, viability, cell-cell interaction, and/or proliferation.

Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Key facts

  • Mimicking native tissue environment
  • Rapid 3D model formation within hours
  • No specialized equipment, media, or artificial substrate
  • Easy to handle / no sample loss
  • Allows co-culture
3D made easy!

Can 3D Cell Culture replace animal models?

In many cases, animal testing is not even necessary, and there are very convincing alternatives - especially three-dimensional (3D) cell culture. 


Forum No 17: CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Vessels with Cell-Repellent Surface
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3D Cell Culture
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Publications 3D Cell Culture
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CELLSTAR® microplates with cell-repellent surface as platform for BIOMIMESYS®
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IFU 96-Well Bioprinting Kit
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 9 MB / 655840, 655841
IFU_655846_96-Well BiO Assay Kit
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 1 MB / 655846
IFU_662840_24-Well Bio-Assembler Kit
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 9 MB / 662840
IFU_781846_384-Well BiO Assay Kit
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Clinically relevant inflammatory breast cancer patientderived xenograft–derived ex vivo model for evaluation of tumor-specific therapies
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Advanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening
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Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Onepager Biomaterials
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F074093_White Paper GBO PerkinElmer
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Magnetic 3D-Cell Culture Transfer with Multi-MagPen
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IFU 24 Well Multi-MagPen
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IFU 96 Well Multi-MagPen
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 1 MB
m3D White Paper Biocompatibility Nanoshuttle
White Paper / PDF, 2 MB

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Glauco Souza, PH.D.

Director of Global Business Development & Innovation 3D Cell Culture

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