The SAFETY Blood Collection Set was developed especially for patients with difficult vein conditions, but is also suitable for any other blood collection situation, as it offers the patient a particularly gentle collection comfort.

The product offers a high level of safety by manually activating the protective mechanism while the needle is still inside the vein. The correct activation by the user is indicated by a clearly audible click. The safety blood collection set thus provides the best possible protection against needlestick injuries. The visual control of the puncture through a transparent viewing window also increases the puncture safety. The product can be used for blood collection or for infusions for up to five hours.

The SAFETY Blood Collection Set is a sterile single use wing cannula connected to a flexible tube, with or without a Luer adapter or Luer adapter with holder. The product is ergonomically and individually packed, making it easy to open and causing little waste.

  • A viewing window between the needle and the tube shows whether the puncture was successful
  • Tube with different lengths offers more flexibility in blood collection
  • Simple activation of the safety mechanism

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VACUETTE® Preanalytics Manual
Brochure / PDF, 1 MB
Evaluation of VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set
White Paper / PDF, 116 KB
Barcode form microplates
Flyer / PDF, 2 MB
SAFETY Blood Collection/Infusion Set (GRAPHIC)
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 600 KB
Comparison Testing of Needles and Packaging of various Blood Collection Sets
White Paper / PDF, 324 KB
Blood Splattering from Safety Devices
White Paper / PDF, 118 KB
PSDS_SAFETY Blood Collection Sets
Product Safety Data Sheet / PDF, 120 KB / Document that lists information regarding occupational safety and health
Application Note_Needles_General
Application Notes / PDF, 396 KB / Specific product-related topics providing assistance and (technical) information about the product
Penetration Force Comparison Testing of Semi-Automatic Safety Blood Collection Sets
White Paper / PDF, 472 KB
SAFETY Blood Collection/Infusion Set
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 1,014 KB
SAFETY Blood Collection Sets
Brochure / PDF, 807 KB
VACUETTE® Blood Collection Techniques Booklet
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
VACUETTE® Safety Products
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
VACUETTE® Safety Booklet
Brochure / PDF, 1,020 KB
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