Detailed knowledge of interactions between the structure and function of biomolecules is fundamental for biological, medical and pharmaceutical research. A reliable method is the X-ray structure analysis of protein crystals.

In order to show three-dimensional molecular structures, the proteins must first be crystallised. Since every protein is different and a variety of factors influence protein crystallisation, the optimal conditions are usually tested with high-throughput technologies (pipetting robots). Greiner Bio-One has specially developed microplates and accessories of the CrystalStar series to meet the requirements of high-throughput crystallisation in a short time and with relatively small amounts of protein. Techniques such as vapour diffusion (sitting drop, hanging drop) and microbatch under oil can be carried out effectively.

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Forum No 13: CrystalQuickX: Optimised platform for in-situ analysis of protein crystals
Scientific Publications / PDF, 1 MB
Forum No 7: Advanced High-Throughput Platforms for Protein Crystallisation
Scientific Publications / PDF, 472 KB

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