CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Microplates

Cell culture treated microplates are available in the following versions: 96, 384, 1536 well format

Depending on the application, the well profile is a key feature in a 96 well cell culture microplate. The chimney well cell culture microplate has the same well profile as the standard F-bottom plate. The difference to the standard plate is the chimney-like arrangement of the wells i.e. each well stands on its own. Therefore the risk of contamination from sample material being carried over is minimised. Clear bottom microplates have pigmented walls and a transparent thin film bottom, the so-called µClear® bottom. In contrast to our standard microplates with a solid polystyrene bottom, they are ideal for cell culture and microscopic applications using fluorescence or luminescence detection methods.

For many applications, a reduction of the sample volume is an important feature. 96 well half area microplates offer an interesting alternative here. They can be pipetted automatically as well as manually without any problem and allow a reduction of the sample volume up to 50 %.

Product Highlights

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