In addition to our VACUETTE® line, Greiner Bio-One supplies offers a wide range of swab which  are essential to bacteria collection.

Product Highlights

Item: 4800357

Sterile dry nasopharyngeal swab, flocked nylon tip 3mm, PP rod 151mm, 80mm braking point, IND. pack.

Item: 300281

Ecouvillon Amies gélosé, Viscose/aluminium, tige fine, bouchon bleu

Item: 304225F

Deltaswab swab, AMIES media 1ml, flocked nasopharyngeal tip, secable 100mm

Item: 304260F

Deltaswab swab, CARY BLAIR medium 2ml, flocked standard tip, secable 80mm

Item: 420180

SWAB TUBE, PS, 16/110 MM, COTTON SWAB, STERILE, SINGLE PACKED For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures, unless otherwise indicated.

Item: 4800358

Sterile dry oropharyngeal swab, flocked nylon tip 6mm, ABS shaft 153mm, 80mm breaking point, sterile, single packed

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