VACUETTE® Z Urine no additives tubes are ideal for transporting or analysing urine samples and are leak-proof, virtually unbreakable and sterile. The tubes are available in two designs. Tubes with a round base are used for clinical chemistry urine analysis, while tubes with a conical base are used for the microscopic examination of urine sediment.

Additional Product Information

Often referred to as no additive urinalysis tubes, these clear urine collection tubes with yellow caps from Greiner Bio-One are available in 6ml, 9ml, or 10ml sizes.

Product list

Urine Cup with Integrated Transfer Device flyer
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VACUETTE® Urine System Brochure
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VACUETTE® Urine Collection Kits flyer
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Evacuated Urine Collection System
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 1 MB
VACUETTE® Urine Collection System (GRAPHIC)
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 517 KB
PSDS_VACUETTE® Urine Tubes (no additive)
Product Safety Data Sheet / PDF, 49 KB / Document that lists information regarding occupational safety and health
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