Greiner Bio-One is offering a large variety of 96 well strip microplates for diagnostic and immunological research applications.

Microplates in strip format offer the advantage of greater flexibility in diagnostics. Individual strips can be removed from the support frame so that the number of tests to be performed can be adjusted to the number of samples and is not predetermined by the microplate format used. In addition, the individual strips can be subjected to a wide variety of different test conditions. The quality of our immunological products is constantly controlled in our quality assur-ance laboratory by means of  ELISA. Clear MICROLON products are tested in a colorimetric immunoassay, black FLUOTRAC plates in a fluorescence immunoassay, white LUMITRAC plates in a luminescence immunoassay. The portfolio is completed by C8 single-break strip plates for immunological applications. These are supplied as twelve 8-well strips in a support frame with 96 spaces  (12 x 8 matrix). The individual wells can be broken off separately (“single-break” option) and the number of tests performed can thus be precisely adjusted to the number of samples.

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Microplate strips from Greiner Bio-One allow for up to 96 wells per ELISA microplate. Our microplate strips offer custom configurations. Choose products from the following categories:

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Application Note: Influence of coating buffer and incubation conditions on ELISA performance
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Application Note: Insulin ELISA on high binding MICROLON® 600 and CELLSTAR® microplates
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96 Well ELISA Microplates
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96 Well ELISA Strip Plates
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Forum No 9: Microplates for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA)
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OEM - From standard products to fully customized solutions
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