For scientists in cell-based drug screening who want to overcome challenges with difficult-to-culture cells on highly performant assay plates, Greiner Bio-One introduces the new CELLCOAT® portfolio, offering an unequaled choice of biological coatings on best-in-class imaging plates up to 1536 well formats.

Developed with a profound understanding of cell biology Greiner Bio-One's CELLCOAT® plates allow you to leverage even the most sophisticated cellular models and perform highly reproducible assays in high throughput.

Find the optimal cell culture surface for your assay with our new CELLCOAT® MultiCoat test plate, the ideal tool to rapidly and easily test a variety of biological coatings simultaneously.

Sub Categories

Key facts

  • Optimal for cell-based screenings with complex cell models
  • Choice of 11 different peptide & protein coatings (single & double coatings)
  • Convenient, ready to use and reproducible
  • ​​​​​​​Cycloolefin bottom plates with glass-like optical properties
  • From 96 to 1536 well format

To better meet the requirements of your screening, SCREENSTAR CELLCOAT® plates come along with a generic barcode (Code 128).

  • Labels are applied to all 4 sides of the microplate
  • 128 barcode format is compatible with most barcode scanning and software systems
  • No duplicate sequence numbers
  • Excellent print quality and resolution


The barcode sequence appears as follows:

  • 96 well SCREENSTAR CELLCOAT® plates:      G96xxxxxx
  • 384 well SCREENSTAR CELLCOAT® plates:   G384xxxxxx
  • 1536 well SCREENSTAR CELLCOAT® plates:  G1536xxxxxx

         with xxxxxx as consecutive numbers.

CELLCOAT® SCREENSTAR plates are suitable for a wide range of cell culture applications providing optimal culture conditions:

  • Cell-based assays with complex cell models: primary cells, transfected cells, knock-out cells, co-cultures, etc.
  • Cell culture in serum-free and serum-reduced medium
  • Stem cell maintenance and expansion
  • Stem cell differentiation
  • Cell adhesion and migration studies
  • Improved cell attachment and spreading
  • Enhanced cell proliferation
  • More complex cell morphology
  • In-vivo mimicking environment

Choose from a selection of different single and double peptide & protein coatings

Coating Single/Double Coating
Poly-D-Lysine, high molecular weight Single coating
Poly-D-Lysine, standard molecular weight Single coating
Poly-L-Lysine, high molecular weight Single coating
Collagen Type I (rat) Single coating
Collagen Type I (human) Single coating
Fibronectin (human) Single coating
Laminin (recombinant) Single coating
Basement membrane extract (mouse) Single coating
Poly-D-Lysine, high molecular weight / Collagen Type I (rat) Double coating
Collagen Type I (human) / Fibronectin (human) Double coating
Poly-D-Lysine, high molecular weight / Laminin (recombinant) Double coating

SCREENSTAR plates are specialized microplates for sophisticated microscopic applications in high-content screening (HCS) or high-resolution microscopy with water and oil immersion objectives. The microplates enable complete periphery access for high magnification objectives. They are entirely manufactured out of cycloolefin with a black pigmented cycloolefin frame and a 190 μm ultra-clear cycloolefin film bottom.

SCREENSTAR Plate Dimensions

Well design of a 96 well SCREENSTAR microplate

Well bottom elevation: 0.7 mm

Distance microplate rim to external well bottom: 0.51 mm

Well design of a 384 well SCREENSTAR microplate

Well bottom elevation: 0.4 mm

Distance microplate rim to external well bottom: 0.21 mm

Well design of a 1536 well SCREENSTAR microplate

Well bottom elevation: 0.7 mm

Distance microplate rim to external well bottom: 0.51 mm

Product Highlights

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