The research of biomolecular processes on the level of single molecules and in volume ranges equivalent to the size of a single bacterium is of immense importance, both in basic research and in industrial high-throughput screening.

The combination of modern confocal optics, new fluorescent dyes, sensitive photomultipliers and improved data processing has revolutionised the technique of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Over the past few years this has led to its widespread appli-cation, and alongside the technological advances in hardware development, Greiner Bio-One worked hand-in-hand with customers and instrument suppliers to develop the glass bottom microplates. These better satisfy the requirements of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with regards to optical clarity and deformation when compared to standard polystyrene plates. In addition to fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, microscopic applications such as confocal microscopy are a potential field of application for glass-bottom microplates.

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Application Note: Enhanced Transfection Efficiency on Protein Coated Microplates
Application Notes / PDF, 451 KB
Forum No 6: Sealers for microplates and their areas of application in molecular biology and cell culture
Scientific Publications / PDF, 479 KB
Application Note: Establishing a cell culture assay based on time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) for screening G-Protein coupled receptors
Scientific Publications / PDF, 445 KB
Forum No 16: 96 Well Half Area Microplates and their Application in Fluorescence, Luminescence and Transmission Measurements
Scientific Publications / PDF, 2 MB
Microplate Selection Guide
Brochure / PDF, 1 MB
Forum No 15: SCREENSTAR: A new 1536 Well Microplate for High Content and High Throughput Screening
Scientific Publications / PDF, 2 MB
SensoPlate Glass Bottom Microplates
Flyer / PDF, 723 KB
Forum No 11: A New 384 Well Storage Plate Reducing Compound Consumption and Supporting Assay Miniaturisation
Scientific Publications / PDF, 3 MB
Application Note: UV/VIS Spectroscopy in Microplates UV-Star®, µClear®, MICROLON® and CELLSTAR®
Application Notes / PDF, 1 MB
Forum No. 20 1536 Well CO Microplate for Compound Storage
Scientific Publications / PDF, 3 MB
OEM - From standard products to fully customized solutions
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
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