CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Flasks

Greiner Bio-One offers standard and filter cap cell culture flasks with different surfaces. All Greiner Bio-One cell culture flasks are made of high-grade polystyrene and are free of detectable DNases, RNases, human DNA, endotoxins and are non-cytotoxic.

The specific design facilitates an optimal access of the flask with a cell scraper or pipette. The stacking rim on the top of the flasks ensures firm standing and easy stackability in the incubator. Both sides have a printed graduation for easier filling. In addition to the filter screw cap Greiner Bio-One offers a standard screw cap with secured click-in ventilation position which guarantees the gas exchange within the flasks.

For the maintenance of adherent cells Greiner Bio-One offers a specific physical surface treatment which ensures adhesion and proliferation of these cells whereas the novel Advanced TC surface provides optimal conditions for the cultivation of sensitive and fastidious cells or the usage of restricted growth conditions.


Download our CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Flasks flyer for details on the full product line and easily buy Greiner Bio-One’s tissue culture flasks online today.

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