Serological pipettes are used for the safe transfer of liquids. The CELLSTAR® serological pipettes from Greiner Bio-One are the perfect solution for any liquid handling application as they are designed for maximum accuracy.

With CELLSTAR®, Greiner Bio-One offers a comprehensive range of different graduated pipettes. These are available in the sizes 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml. Additionally the single-use pipettes are also available as triple-packed products for clean room applications and as 2 ml aspiration pipette without plug and graduation for the easy removal of liquids.


CELLSTAR® Serological Pipettes for good pipetting

The sophisticated features of our serological pipettes facilitate everyday liquid handling applications and guarantee the best results. The use of high-quality polystyrene for maximum transparency and the ascending and descending graduation allow the volume to be read at a glance during both aspiration and dispensing. In addition, the negative graduation offers increased volume capacity, providing more flexibility for different applications. All our graduated pipettes are marked with a pipette colour code in accordance with international standards for easy volume identification and expiry date and LOT number are printed on each individual packaging unit, allowing full traceability. For maximum protection against liquid aspiration into the pipetting device, all pipettes are supplied with a filter plug.

CELLSTAR® serological pipettes are available in various packaging forms:

  • Individual paper/plastic or plastic/plastic packaging with peel-off function and additional break-through function
  • Bulk packaging for an ecological & economical solution
  • Triple-packed for clean room applications

Key facts

  • For drop-free pipetting
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Clear, easy to read graduation
  • Lateral coloured Schellbach stripe simplifies volume reading
  • Sterile pipettes

For more precision!

For an even safer transfer and the fully optimised and harmonised liquid handling solution, we recommend using the serological pipettes with the specially matched pipette controller MaxiPette.

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