For the Cultivation, Staining and Microscopy of Cells

CELLview slide has been developed in collaboration with the EMBL, Heidelberg and consists of a transparent slide with an embedded cover glass and a black detachable compartmentalisation.

The slide is divided into 10 round wells matching the layout of a standard 96 well microtiter plate facilitating for example the usage of standard multichannel pipettors and simplifying pipetting steps. The round well design helps to reduce meniscus effects, which are pronounced in square wells, assuring equal cell distribution and optimal microscopic analysis. The compartmentalisation as well as the slide underneath contains the identical alpha-numeric well coding ensuring unmistakable sample identification.

CELLview slide is excellently suited for all microscopic applications requiring cell culture with subsequent cell stimulation and/or immunocytochemical analysis. The embedded cover glass guarantees an absolutely even focal plane which is prerequisite to high-speed and high-resolution microscopy. Furthermore, the black compartmentalisation reduces cross talk between adjacent wells during fluorescence microscopy and the optical glass with virtually no autofluorescence allows for maximum spectral transmission without depolarisation of transmitted light. After detaching the black compartmentalisation the CELLview slide can be processed for further analysis, mounting or long time storage. Beside the TC surface CELLview slide is also available with the Advanced TC surface for sensitive cells or complex applications.

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Application Note: Greiner Bio-One Labware on ZEISS Microplates
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Forum No 18: SCREENSTAR and CELLview: Microplates for Advanced Microscopy
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