Since its introduction in the 1960’s applications for the 96 well microplate have continually increased to the extent that it is impossible to envisage modern research and industry without it today. Greiner Bio-One has been manufacturing microplates and strip microplates for diagnostics and immunological research for over 40 years. A large number of different 96 well microplates is available in a wide variety of surface treatments. The spectrum ranges from standard microplates in clear, black or white to Half Area microplates and microplates with transparent film bottom.


Sub Categories

96 Well Microplate Key Facts:

  • Available in polystyrene, polypropylene and cycloolefin
  • Clear / black / white
  • With F-bottom / U-bottom / V-bottom / C-bottom / Half Area
  • Sterile / non-sterile
  • Non-treated, in high-binding or non-binding quality

Polystyrene Microplates

  • With F-bottom, U-bottom or V-bottom
  • Sterile / non-sterile
  • Non-treated or in high binding quality
  • With solid bottom or µClear® film bottom

Half Area Microplates

  • Sterile / non-sterile
  • Reduction of sample volume by up to
    50 %
  • Standardised pathlength
    (1 cm=170 µl, 0.5 cm=80 µl)
  •  Non-treated or in high-binding quality
  • With solid bottom or µClear® film bottom

Polypropylene Microplates

  • Ideally suited for the storage of active agents, DNA/RNA or stock cultures
  • High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance
  • Black plates for fluorescence polarization

Even more variety with our microplates

  • Ultra-low non-specific binding properties
  • Suited for sensitive biochemical assays
  • Increased assay sensitivity by reducing background and improving signal-to-noise ratio
  • Reliable binding for all types of biotinylated molecules
  • Fast isolation, determination and quantification of components from a reaction mixture
  • Complete reproduction of reaction chains, e.g. enzyme immunoassays
  • Cycloolefin film bottom
  • For measurements of protein concentration at 280 nm
  • Optical window down to 230 nm ideal for nucleic acid determination at 260 nm/280 nm

Well designs

F-Bottom / Standard

For precise optical measurements and microscopic applications (bottom reading).

F-Bottom / Chimney Well

Additional minimisation of sample carry-over and cross contamination.


For easy and residue-free pipetting.


For precise pipetting and sample storage.


Flat-bottom profile with rounded corners. For residue-free pipetting and precise optical measurements.

Half Area

An alternative to the use of high-format microplates due to a reduction of the sample volume of up to 50 %.

Explore our world of microplates

Are you looking for a different well format or surface modification? Choose the right microplate for your specific application with our MICROPLATE FINDER. 

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