CELLdisc is a new multilayer device covering a range of cell culture surfaces from 1,000 cm² up to 10,000 cm². The innovative ergonomic design of CELLdisc provides a versatile system for the propagation of adherent mammalian cells from research scale to industrial batches. The CELLdisc family includes variants with 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 40 layers.

The CELLdisc portfolio also includes other variants. For applications that require validated and certified filters, eg: Production of AAV vectors, the CELLdisc portfolio can be supplied with external filters. For work in a GMP environment where sterility is required, Greiner Bio-One has developed CELL disc versions with a closed filling and tubing system.

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The aim of mass cell culture is to produce large quantities of cells mostly used for industrial or clinical applications. Users can choose from a variety of different disposables and concepts. To reduce the cost of the scale up process to a minimum, different factors need to be considered and evaluated. If multilayer devices such as CELLdisc are to be used, not only growth area and the number of cells per device should be taken into account but also how effectively incubator space is utilized by them. The innovative CELLdisc with its round and ergonomic design stands out from existing rectangular devices. The cuboid nature of these alternatives would, at first glance, imply an optimal use of space within an incubator that is itself cuboid in design. However, the length and width of such systems do not correspond ideally to the dimensions of standard incubators and leave a lot of space unused. Additionally, such devices cannot be positioned next to each other as this could compromise consistent thermal distribution by limiting access to the temperature environment of the incubator. CELLdisc however, thanks to the cylindrical nature of the design, can be placed directly next to one another and still receive uniform exposure to the optimum temperature of the incubator.

Due to the round concept any position can be achieved by rotating. Therefore, handling requires little effort with minimal motion and space requirement. The innovative design simplifies the workflow (just fill, tilt and turn), eliminates multiple working steps and reduces the risk of contamination.

CELLdisc Key facts

  • Easy handling and minimal space requirement
  • Save hands on time in protocols 
  • Two surface treatments for optimal cell attachment
  • State of the art ventilation



Different Surface Treatments

  • For standard cell applications
  • For cultivation of sensitive cells
  • For limiting growth conditions

External Filters

  • USP class VI certified filters
  • Hydrophobic PTFE membranes
  • Defined pore size (0.2 μm)
  • Sufficient airflow to the cells

Closed filling caps

  • Ensures sterile fluid transfer
  • MPC type connector 
  • Flexible silicone tubing
  • Single or double tubing 


  • Filling aid
  • Storage System
  • Levelling of uneven surfaces
  • Easy lifting and transporiting

Simplify your cell culture

In addition to the CELLdisc multilayer cell culture flask, there are other products available for use in the scaling up of cells including cell culture flasks and cell culture roller bottles. 

CELLdisc Technical Note
Technical Information / PDF, 367 KB
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 992 KB
IFU CELLdisc with closed filling caps (-CF1/ -CF2)
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 1 MB
OEM - From standard products to fully customized solutions
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
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