CELLview Dishes

The CELLview cell culture dish combines the convenience of a standard size 35 mm disposable plastic cell culture dish with the optical quality of glass, providing superior high-resolution microscopic images of in-vitro cultivated cultures.It is made from high-grade polystyrene combined with an integrated glass bottom. The innovative design of the cell culture dish provides a single-plane, flat bottom with a consistent working distance and maximal planarity. Moreover, the dish bottom configuration facilitates optimal thermal conductivity and avoids thermal variations in heated platforms used for live cell imaging.

The subdivided version of the CELLview Dish enables simultaneous multiplex analyses of different cell lines, various stimulations or diverse transfections. Quartering the cell culture dish provides four individual compartments with a growth area of approximately 1.9 cm², allowing minimisation of cells and reagents required per individual assay.


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