Moleculaire biologie

PCR Tubes

The PCR range has a product for all applications, including 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes with flat caps, PCR tube strips with 8 tubes or as individual reaction tubes, as well as PCR microplates. The thin wall construction optimises the heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution.

PCR Microplates
The use of the 96 well format allows the scale up of basic PCR work, while the 384 well format is ideal for high-throughput screening projects. All microplates are made of thin-walled polypropylene. This optimises the heat transfer from the thermoblock to the reaction solution. Our heat-resistant sealers AMPLIseal™, VIEWseal™  and SILVERseal™ are ideal for sealing the microplates during PCR, and the 96 well microplate may also be sealed with.

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