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Item: 836578

Rack for VACUETTE® 20-Pos. MultiMixer for 9 mm VACUETTE® Tubes EX-10574

Item: 836579

Rack for VACUETTE® 20-Pos. MultiMixer for 13 mm VACUETTE® Tubes EX-10575

Item: 836585

Thermal paper roll for Thermal printer 836582 and integrated printers 836580 & 836587

VACUETTE® Blood Collection Techniques Booklet
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
VACUETTE® Preanalytics Manual
Brochure / PDF, 1 MB
19 Steps of Venous Blood Collection
Poster - Info / PDF, 566 KB
OEM - From standard products to fully customized solutions
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
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