The CELLMASTER Cell Culture Roller Bottles from Greiner Bio-One made of polystyrene or PET range in size from 850 cm² to 4250 cm² growth area and are available either with standard or filter screw caps.

The safety screw cap enables a tight closing and contamination-free cultivation. The filter screw cap contains a membrane with a pore size of 0.2 μm guarantees optimal protection against contamination. It provides a high gas exchange rate which enables a mass cultivation of cells using e.g. bicarbonate buffer and CO2.

Sub Categories

The perfect choice for you: Roller Bottles in various sizes and designs

The product range includes a short and a long form, labelled as X and XL, accordingly. Both sizes are available with a smooth or radially ribbed surface. The ribbed design increases the growth area of the roller bottle without changing space requirements.

All roller bottles are sterilised by irradiation according to validated procedures (ISO 11137). Endotoxin testing is conducted in accordance with USP 85 with a tolerance level of 0.03 EU/ml.

Cell Culture Roller Bottles Key facts

  • Made of highly transparent polystyrene or PET
  • The product meets USP VI test requirements
  • Expiry date and lot number on each roller bottle
  • Filter cap with 0.2 μm membrane
  • Seamless production technique rules out leaking seams

More possibilities for your cell culture: CELLdisc from Greiner Bio-One

Discover now the different sizes and finishes of CELLdisc on our website!

CELLMASTER Cell Culture Roller Bottles
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