Different separation techniques can be used to enrich certain particles (DNA, RNA, proteins, cells etc.) specifically from complex biological mixtures such as cell and tissue homogenates, blood or urine, so that they can then be selectively investigated. The separation of cells by density gradient centrifugation has proven to be the most often used method.

Leucosep has been developed for optimal separation of lymphocytes and peripheral mononuclear cells (so-called PBMCs) from human whole blood and bone marrow by means of density gradient centrifugation. The key feature of Leucosep is the porous barrier incorporated into the centrifuge tube made of highly translucent polypropylene.

OncoQuick® is a simple-to-use, rapid and efficient system for the enrichment of circulating tumour cells that are released into the blood by a solid epithelial tumour or malignant melanoma. OncoQuick® combines the advantages of cell separation by density gradient centrifugation with recovery rates that are comparable with immunobead methods.

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