Pressing on the trigger mechanism allows the SPEEDY tube holder to safely eject the cannula into the sharps disposal container. No force or no further contact with the product is required.


19 Steps of Venous Blood Collection
Poster - Info / PDF, 566 KB
VACUETTE® Blood Transfer Unit PP
Flyer / PDF, 334 KB
PSDS_VACUETTE® Speedy Quick Release Holder
Product Safety Data Sheet / PDF, 120 KB / Document that lists information regarding occupational safety and health
VACUETTE® Blood Collection Techniques Booklet
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
VACUETTE® Preanalytics Manual
Brochure / PDF, 1 MB
Speedy Quick Release Holder
IFU Instructions for Use / PDF, 837 KB
Speedy Quick Release Holder
Flyer / PDF, 277 KB
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