96 Well ELISA Microplates

Greiner Bio-One has been manufacturing microplates for diagnostics and immunological research for over 30 years. with automated systems.

The microplate footprint is compatible with automated systems. A key step in ELISA is the binding of one assay component – antigen or antibody – to the solid surface by passive adsorption. Therefore, the features of this surface are crucial for the performance of the  assay. All ELISA microplates from Greiner Bio-One are made out of high-quality virgin polystyrene. The resin is highly transparent and therefore ideally  suited for optical measurements. Beside products made of clear polystyrene for colorimetric measurements, Greiner Bio-One offers a wide variety of black and white ELISA microplates for  luminescence and fluorescence measurements. The quality of our immunological products is constantly controlled in our quality assurance laboratory by means of ELISA.


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