SWiTCH is an automatic safety arterial catheter with flow switch. SWiTCH is available in a carefully selected number of gauge sizes and lengths to cater to demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs. SWiTCH has been developed with the user and patient in mind and its use contributes to a safe and successful insertion.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic safety mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries
  • Flow switch for user-controlled blood flow
  • Optimized flashback chamber for quick blood response and placement control
  • Carefully selected lengths and gauge sizes for a higher first-attempt success rate*
  • Stabilization wings for secure fixation

*Evren Eker, H. et al. The impact of two arterial catheters, different in diameter an dlength, on postcannulation radial artery diameter, blood flow, and occlusion in atherosclerotic patients. Journal of Anesthesia (2009) 23:347-352


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