Brings samples safely to their destination

The VACUETTE® Transport Tube (VTT) is the perfect addition to the Greiner Bio-One transport line and brings all your tubes safely to their destination. The container is suitable for all standard tube dimensions: 13x75, 13x100, 16x100.

The cellulose absorbant pad in the container surrounds the tube being transported and serves as additional protection. The container comes with a screw cap.

  • PP tube (polypropylene) - PE cap (polyethylene)
  • Particularly suitable for medical and biological sample material
  • Robust and liquid-tight
  • Tube dimensions: 60 ml, 127 mm long, 28 mm in diameter


VACUETTE® Transport Line
Brochure / PDF, 2 MB
ÖIV Test Report Transport Line
Certificates / PDF, 1 MB
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