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Basic data
Description: MICROPLATE, 384 WELL, PS, F-BOTTOM,
Sterility: non-sterile
Qty/case: 40
Qty/inner pack: 10
Weight/Case: 1.81 kg
Carton dimension: 335 x 250 x 165 mm
Qty/case: 40
Qty/inner pack: 10
PAL: 6160
Detailed information
Filling volume (ml): 0.00

384 Well Small Volume HiBase Polystyrene Microplates, clear

  • Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
  • Non-pyrogenic 
  • Manufactured under DIN ISO 9001 guidelines
  • Can be traced all the way back to production through a defined LOT number system
  • Has round wells with a conical geometry
  • By optimising the Z-axis according to the liquid height to be measured in the wells, the detection limit can be considerably improved in SmallVolume microplates using classical microplate readers, and a detection limit comparable to that of the 1536 well microplate can be achieved
  • The flat polystyrene film bottom with a diameter of 75 µm +/- 10 µm is characterised by a low level of autofluorescence and is ideally suited for cell based test systems
  • Total volume: 28 µl
  • Working volume: 4 µl - 25 µl
  • Solid bottom

Application Note: UV/VIS Spectroscopy in Microplates UV-Star®, µClear®, MICROLON® and CELLSTAR®
Application Notes / PDF, 1 MB
Labware & Research BioScience Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue / PDF, 36 MB
Application Note: Enhanced Transfection Efficiency on Protein Coated Microplates
Application Notes / PDF, 451 KB
Forum No 11: A New 384 Well Storage Plate Reducing Compound Consumption and Supporting Assay Miniaturisation
Scientific Publications / PDF, 3 MB
Application Note: Establishing a cell culture assay based on time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) for screening G-Protein coupled receptors
Scientific Publications / PDF, 445 KB
Forum No 6: Sealers for microplates and their areas of application in molecular biology and cell culture
Scientific Publications / PDF, 479 KB
Forum No 15: SCREENSTAR: A new 1536 Well Microplate for High Content and High Throughput Screening
Scientific Publications / PDF, 2 MB
Forum No 16: 96 Well Half Area Microplates and their Application in Fluorescence, Luminescence and Transmission Measurements
Scientific Publications / PDF, 2 MB
384 Well Small Volume™ LoBase Microplatten
Flyer / PDF, 760 KB
Microplate Selection Guide
Brochure / PDF, 1 MB
Forum No. 20 1536 Well CO Microplate for Compound Storage
Scientific Publications / PDF, 3 MB
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