VACUETTE® SAFELINK holder with male luer lock - For the safer connection

Through continuous optimization of our product range, we regularly provide our customers with improved and new products. The innovative product VACUETTE® SAFELINK stands out due to its efficient and practical handling as well as its purpose-built design. It allows easy and quick blood sampling when used with medical devices that have a standardized female luer lock connection.

Safe, standardized lock connection

The simple luer lock mechanism makes the holder a practical and versatile accessory for application in blood collection. With a controlled threading movement the tube holder is securely connected.

Direct and safe sampling

The VACUETTE® SAFELINK can be combined with all standardized female luer lock connections for blood sampling and is suitable for pressures up to 185mmHg. Guidelines (Infusion Therapy Standard of Practice, Revised 2016, recommend the use of a luer lock mechanism with venous access devices for safe sampling.

Compact and robust accessory product

The sterile, disposable tube holder is made of unbreakable plastic with a secure luer lock connection and does not contain natural rubber latex. There is a stainless steel needle on the inside of the VACUETTE® SAFELINK holder.


Item: 450210

VACUETTE® SAFELINK Holder with male luer lock single-packed, not made with natural rubber latex

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