Advanced TC Cell Culture Vessels

Advanced TC Cell Culture Vessels

For the propagation of fastidious cells like primary or sensitive cells as well as cells cultivated under restricted growth conditions (serum-free or serum-reduced) Greiner Bio-One offers the Advanced TC polymer modification. Based on an innovative technique, the cell culture surface is modified to promote cellular features and functions. Enhanced cell attachment and higher proliferation rates improve and accelerate cell expansion. Furthermore, the Advanced TC surface facilitates consistent and homogenous cell attachment increasing the overall cell yield and reducing cell loss, for example during automated washing steps. The positive effect on cell morphology is particularly apparent during cultivation of sensitive cells, serum deprivation or after cellular stress induced by transfection or transduction processes. Moreover, cells cultivated on the Advanced TC surface exhibit higher transgene activity after gene transfer/ insertion. Due to the production process, the modification of the polymer assures consistant and reproducible product quality. Transport and storage can be carried out at room temperature.


  • Cultivation of fastidious and sensitive cells
  • Usage of serum-reduced or serum-free media
  • Differentiation of semi-adherent cells
  • Transfection
  • Transduction
  • Automation/High-throughput analysis


  • Improved cell adherence
  • Consistent cell attachment
  • Homogenous cell growth
  • In-vivo like morphology
  • Increased cell yield
  • Optimal cultivation conditions for sensitive cells
  • Permits usage of serum-reduced or serum-free media
  • Reduced cell loss due to (automated) washing steps
  • Improved assay consistency
  • Storage at room temperature
  • 2-year shelf life


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