HPV Diagnostics

The oCheck® product line from Greiner Bio-One has been developed specifically for the requirements of clinical diagnostics: Many specimens can be processed in a short period and examined for the presence of specific viral or bacterial species. For this purpose, DNA is extracted from a specimen and a target sequence is being amplified. The PCR product is transferred to the biochip and binds to the respective complementary sequence. After only a few washing steps and a subsequent drying of the biochip, the bound target sequence can be detected via fluorescence labelling. Here, the biochip is scanned and analysed with the CheckScanner™ and the CheckReport™Software, respectively. Finally, the result of each specimen is generated automatically and can be provided to the physician.

All test kits of the oCheck® product line developed for an application in diagnostics are certified as in-vitro diagnostics according to the effective legal requirements (IVDD) and have been tested in clinical studies.

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