PapilloCheck® - genotyping of 24 pathogenic HPV
PapilloCheck® is a CE-certified in-vitro diagnostic kit (CE-IVD) for the qualitative detection and genotyping of 24 pathogenic HPV types (18 high-risk and 6 low-risk types) in DNA preparations from human cervical smears.  The assay is based on detection and identification of a fragment of the viral E1 gene using a DNA microarray and allows the simultaneous processing of 12 cervical samples.

PapilloCheck® high-risk - genotyping of 14 carcinogenic hrHPV
On the basis of the nearly absolute etiologic link between HPV and cervical cancer, testing for high-risk HPV is now considered in primary cervical cancer screening. The newly developed PapilloCheck® high-risk test kit  (CE-IVD) is designed to meet the demands of cervical cancer screening by targeting 14 of the most carcinogenic high-risk HPV types (hrHPV). The microarray-based test kit is using exactly the same technology  as the approved PapilloCheck®.

PapilloCheck® Collection Kit
The newly designed and CE-certified PapilloCheck® Collection Kit consists of a cervical brush and a vial  filled with specimen transport medium wrapped in a blister package.

PapilloCheck®, PapilloCheck® high-risk and PapilloCheck® Collection Kit are not available for sale in the United States.


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