The VACUETTE® SAFETY Winged Set is a safety engineered device with a mechanism which has been found to reduce the rate of needlestick injuries by up to 60%, compared to the use of a non-safety device.(De Carli, G., et al., Needlestick prevention devices: We should already be there. 2008. J Hosp Infect, 2009. 71: p. 183-98)

The VACUETTE® SAFETY Winged Set is a sterile, single-use winged blood collection set. It consists of a stainless steel needle, colour-coded wings, a flexible tubing, a luer adapter and a safety shield for the needle. The product without holder is also suitable for a short-term infusion of intravenous fluids.

Simple safety mechanism

Each VACUETTE® SAFETY Winged Set is provided with a safety mechanism to minimize the risk of a needlestick injury. After completion of the blood collection and withdrawal of the needle from the patient‘s vein, the safety mechanism must be activated immediately.

The clearly audible click indicates that the needle is securely and irreversibly locked in the housing, protecting against accidental needlestick injuries during disposal.


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