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In France, our Biology Wholesale Division, mainly operates under Greiner Bio-One's brand. This division supplies almost 3 500 medical devices and healthcare solutions to Biology's centers and hospitals .

Greiner Bio-One offers an high service level  to biologists, by ensuring at the same time  quality and availability of the products distributed and working  on deliveries' reliability and speed. Each year, Greiner Bio-One France prepares nearly 200000 orders and delivers almost 315 millions of  products. We also offer added-value services panel which help biologist  in their dual role of healthcare professionals and business manager.

Today, Our Biology Wholesale Division offers 3 500 items which are divided  in 8 lines which are :

  • To disinfect
  • To protect ourselves
  • To collect samples
  • To sort out &  gather data
  • To transport
  • To analyse
  • To equip
  • Our services
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