Mycoplasma Testing Service

"We are very satisfied with the fast processing of the samples and the result reporting.

Also, your customer service is really fast in answering our specific questions. Moreover, whenever we come up with ideas for new sample measurements, you offer solutions and show interest in further developements of your own technologies.

Summarised: We are very contented with your service!"

Dr. Julia Tornack, BioGenes GmbH

Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures is a widespread and serious problem in biological research laboratories and in facilities that are involved in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products. Greiner Bio-One offers a service for the monitoring of mycoplasma contaminations in biological materials such as cells and cell culture supernatants.

The Mycoplasma Service is capable of identifying the following mycoplasma species:

- M.orale  - A.laidlawii
- M.fermentans  - M.hyorinis
- M.hominis - M. gallisepticum
- M. pneumoniae - M.synoviae
- M.arginini




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