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Automated Solutions for HPV Genotyping

The CX™ NIMBUS® and CX™ STARlet platforms have been designed to automate the use of the HPV testing kit from Greiner Bio-One, PapilloCheck®. They have been developed to reduce hands-on-time
needed in the daily analysis of cytology samples.
Both systems combine the advantages of automation and an outstanding methodology developed for the simultaneous screening and genotyping of human papilloma viruses (HPVs):


  • ready to use load & go reagents
  • magnetic beats separation technology
  • modular processing of extraction, PCR and hybridisation possible
  • intelligent waste management


  • simultaneous HPV screening and genotyping
  • fully automated sample prep from primary tubes
  • simultaneous processing of different collection media
  • less than 20 minutes set up time including sample preparation


  • robust DNA array technology
  • LIMS compatible for automated result reporting
  • liquid level detection, aspiration and clot detection monitoring
  • built-in controls and quality control reporting

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